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Take Care of Your Hair

Hello ladies! Fall officially is here. The leaves are turning colours, kids are back in school and pumpkin spice has invaded our coffee shops. Here at 180 degrees we know the difficulty of keeping hair looking healthy and shiny during the colder months of the year. Are your tired of frizzy, dry hair that just keeps splitting at the ends? We don’t want your to struggle any longer! Here are some awesome tips to keep the moisture and shine in your hair all year long:

  1. Wash your hair sparingly and with good quality shampoo. Over washing will dry out your hair andFall Hair strips it of essential oils. Be sure to wash your hair every other day. If possible wash only twice a week.
  2. Go with a shampoo that works with your hair type. For fine hair we recommend Loreal Volumetry shampoo to keep your hair looking full.  For oily hair we recommend you wash your hair once a week with Pureology
    Clarifying shampoo to lift oil and keep shin. For coloured hair we recommend Loreal Vitamino Color a-ox shampoo to protect your colour and shin. For dry hair we recommend Bed Head Recovery shampoo and conditioner to resto
    re frizzy, brittle ends. We carry all these products in store for a great price.
  3. Let your hair dry naturally. Using a blow dryer occasionally is fine but over using can lead to split ends. B
    e sure to use a wide comb when brushing wet hair to reduce breakage. If you wash your hair before bed try putting it in a bun and it will be dry and naturally wavy in the morning.
  4. Trim your hair regularly! To keep your hair healthy and long get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks. You will continue to get length and remove the split ends.
  5. Eat healthy! This is so important. Your hair is made of protein and it need nutrients to stay healthy. Vitamin C strengthens hair, omega-3 grows healthy hair and zinc repairs.
  6. Remove stress! Studies show that stress can cause hair loss and cause you to go grey earlier. Go for a walk, a pedicure or take a yoga class. Relax!

Follow these simple tips and you will keep your luscious locks looking gorgeous. Come into the salon anytime and book a consultation with one of our stylists to better assess your personal hair needs. We treat all types of hair and would love to take the time to pamper your hair with a deep conditioning treatment or do a complete hair transformation.
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Richelle's Product Pick of the Week

Richelle’s Product Pick of the Week: May 12th, 2014

Hi everyone!

Hope that you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend with your favourite women. I know that I did… Mom and I indulged in the Mother’s Day Brunch held at the Delta Grand. Boy were we ever full! Needless to say that we enjoyed the sunshine as I am sure that everyone else did in the beautiful Okanagan valley.

On a daily basis, I am being asked “Richelle, if you had to pick one hair product that you could NOT live without, what one would you choose?”, and the truth is I can NOT pick one single product! Hence why I have decided to start a weekly blog post on my favourite product of the week. Ladies, we can all relate to this. Take a look at your bathroom – chances are it is filled with dozens of products that we love, once loved, or even tried once and hated it. I have a similar situation in my bathroom closet – a basket-full! This is why I wanted to pick and choose a product that I am totally digging once a week to help you ladies through the world of hair products, and why each product that we carry is great for someone.

Hair products are not designed to work for every single hair type. So the idea that Sally Sue down the street told you that you NEED to try this amazing curl product in your hair even though your hair is poker straight is false. I am sure that Sally Sue’s new curl product is indeed amazing, but for your hair? Not so much.

Just like our bodies, and our skin, our hair is special to us and has different needs than others. So without further a due, let us dive in to the world of hair products and how they work in different hair types.

The product that I chose for this week is a part of the Strength Cure line by Pureology, Fabulous Lengths.


This product has been my saving grace for the last little while through the season transition from winter to spring. I love my light blonde hair, and I also love having long hair. Therefore, the longer my hair gets, by nature, the more fragile it will be. Light blonde hair is always going to be more fragile than most brunettes and red heads. It naturally absorbs more light which means that UV damage is more prone. So in the summer, I’m the girl that hardly washes my hair, does deep conditioning treatments often, and loads in the anti-breakage and shine product like you wouldn’t believe. The result? My hair is a freaking machine. Especially using this product in the last month, I’ve noticed fewer split ends in my hair and it can handle anything.

How it works: In wet hair, I put two pumps into my hands and work it through my ends to mid-shaft. My hair is long, so if you have shorter hair you definitely do not need any more than one pump. This product is so concentrated. A lot of times we like to think “oh the more I put in the better my hair will be”, which is not true. Think of your hair follicle as a cup of water. If you put too much water in the cup, it will overflow. So if you put too much product in your hair, it will also overflow and it will never dry… Not the feeling we want. So with this product, for me, I use two pumps and blow-dry and style my hair normally. My hair not only feels amazing but it emits this super fresh scent all day.


Something to keep in mind for ladies who have breakage-prone hair and it doesn’t like to grow, sometimes (not always) it has to do with diet. Make sure your body is getting enough nutrients, just like your hair.

Hope everyone has a marvellous monday!

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New product

*NEW*! Pureology’s Color Fanatic… 21 AMAZING benefits for your hair!

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since we have brought in something new and amazing product wise. We are so excited to announce that we are now carrying a brand new product from Pureology, called ‘Color Fanatic‘. Yes, you will actually become a fanatic over this product! Why, might you ask? It has 21 amazing benefits. You read that right… Twenty one. Although we have always been huge fans of ‘It’s a 10’, it is hard to resist an additional 11 benefits for your hair.


Yesterday I got the chance to give the product a try myself. I was really rushed that morning and did not have any time to do my hair. Once I got out of the shower, I spritzed about 6 sprays of this glorious product all over my damp hair and ran out the door. I did not brush my hair or anything. As someone who has naturally wavy hair that tends to get bigger and bigger with humidity, this product kept this girl’s mane tame! I let my hair air dry all day, and eventually ran a brush through it once I had a chance. My hair, 12 hours after I had 1) sprayed it, 2) worked all day and gone to school, 3) gone to the gym and 4) made an elaborate dessert, was still soft and tame!

This morning I used the product again and had much more time to do my hair. I noticed that my blowdry time was much shorter, and my round brush slid through my hair without any tugging. My hair is still very soft!

Now you are all probably extremely anxious to find out what exactly these 21 amazing benefits are… Let me share! Pureology has formulated this product to provide the following benefits for your hair. This product is safe to use on all hair types too! Here are the benefits:

1) Protects against color fade
2) Excellent leave-in conditioner
3) Instantly detangles
4) Makes blow-drying easier (and faster)
5) Moisturizes parched hair (and we mean parched, over-processed locks)
6) Helps even out porosity
7) Weightlessly conditions
8) Ideal cutting lotion

9) Helps prevent split ends
10) Helps prevent breakage
11) Helps strengthen the hair fiber
12) Protects against heat damage
13) Shields against environmental damage

14) Smooths out hair surface
15) Creates silkiness
16) Helps seal hair cuticle
17) Reduces dryness
18) Controls frizz
19) Reduces static
20) Refreshes hair for re-styling
21) Adds shine

So there you have it, everyone! This product is extremely affordable as well considering all of the amazing benefits that you get in one bottle. I have to say that it is surely one of my favourites!

For more information contact:

180 Degrees Hair Studio
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Kelowna, British Columbia,
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Christmas gift ideas!

Stumped on what to get your mom, sister, or daughter for the holidays? Are you curious about giving them the gift of style? We have the answer! Not only do we have some fabulous Christmas packs from Pureology and Dermalogica, we are offering 20% off ALL Crush hot tools! This includes their flat irons and the new exciting tool called the Bubble Wand, which gives sultry waves and texture to any look! How could you go wrong? Great style and healthy hair for affordable prices at 180 Degrees Hair Studio!


*Don’t forget, when you bring in any two non-perishable food items you will receive 20% off your entire retail purchase!!


#4-3818 Gordon Drive,
Kelowna, British Columbia,
V1W 3G8
Phone- 250-861-9323
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