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Keune Color Craving

Do you dare try the newest color craze?? Keune has a new line called “Color Craving”. This line is specially designed for those who love to stand out from the crowd.

The colors range from soft pastels to vivid vibrants. If your looking for a bold, bright look or soft pastel highlights Kuene Color Craving is the line for you. Kuene Color Craving carries 8 unique shades:

pink flush

Color Craving
Color Craving

peach mist

lovely lavender

powder blue

passionate pink

sunset copper

cardinal red

velvet violet


You can add some local pastel colors or create a smashing full head in a bright shade! These colors are meant to reflect the inner you so don’t be afraid to go as bold or as subtle as your personality will let you!

If you would like more information on this color or to book a consultation with one of our stylists please contact us at:

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Take Care of Your Hair

Hello ladies! Fall officially is here. The leaves are turning colours, kids are back in school and pumpkin spice has invaded our coffee shops. Here at 180 degrees we know the difficulty of keeping hair looking healthy and shiny during the colder months of the year. Are your tired of frizzy, dry hair that just keeps splitting at the ends? We don’t want your to struggle any longer! Here are some awesome tips to keep the moisture and shine in your hair all year long:

  1. Wash your hair sparingly and with good quality shampoo. Over washing will dry out your hair andFall Hair strips it of essential oils. Be sure to wash your hair every other day. If possible wash only twice a week.
  2. Go with a shampoo that works with your hair type. For fine hair we recommend Loreal Volumetry shampoo to keep your hair looking full.  For oily hair we recommend you wash your hair once a week with Pureology
    Clarifying shampoo to lift oil and keep shin. For coloured hair we recommend Loreal Vitamino Color a-ox shampoo to protect your colour and shin. For dry hair we recommend Bed Head Recovery shampoo and conditioner to resto
    re frizzy, brittle ends. We carry all these products in store for a great price.
  3. Let your hair dry naturally. Using a blow dryer occasionally is fine but over using can lead to split ends. B
    e sure to use a wide comb when brushing wet hair to reduce breakage. If you wash your hair before bed try putting it in a bun and it will be dry and naturally wavy in the morning.
  4. Trim your hair regularly! To keep your hair healthy and long get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks. You will continue to get length and remove the split ends.
  5. Eat healthy! This is so important. Your hair is made of protein and it need nutrients to stay healthy. Vitamin C strengthens hair, omega-3 grows healthy hair and zinc repairs.
  6. Remove stress! Studies show that stress can cause hair loss and cause you to go grey earlier. Go for a walk, a pedicure or take a yoga class. Relax!

Follow these simple tips and you will keep your luscious locks looking gorgeous. Come into the salon anytime and book a consultation with one of our stylists to better assess your personal hair needs. We treat all types of hair and would love to take the time to pamper your hair with a deep conditioning treatment or do a complete hair transformation.
Contact us for more information.



Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! For the entire month of December, give the gift that keeps on giving!

When you bring in two non-perishable food items you will receive 20% off your entire retail purchase, including flat irons!

Great way to stock up on your favourite products and get your holiday shopping started!


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