New product Richelle's Product Pick of the Week TIGI Hair Care

It’s Monday!

Hi everyone and happy Monday!

We know Mondays can be hard and rather a drag to get through, but we are always here to help. Today in particular, I wanted to prepare you all with some exciting news: November is coming.

Why is this exciting? Let me tell you…

For the ENTIRE month of November, we are going to be offering BUY TWO GET ONE FREE on all TIGI products! This includes BedHead, Catwalk and S-Factor! Every. Single. Product. Not kidding here folks… This is your golden opportunity to go to town with TIGI products and stock up for the Christmas Holidays. Heck yes!

Some of my personal favourite TIGI products that I simply couldn’t live without:

  • BedHead After Party: This stuff works like a charm on fly-aways. Staticky hair is so common at this time of year, so smooth down your locks with this stuff and make it smell like candy. It’s really a win-win!
  • Catwalk Root Boost: Ever heard of the term ‘big hair, don’t care’? This is it.
  • Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner: Because everyone has an inner dumb blonde. This shampoo and conditioner duo works with your frazzled crazy hair times to create smooth, replenished locks. Not necessarily just for blondes either!

So come see us for the month of November to stock up on some goodies!

For more information contact:

180 Degrees Hair Studio
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Kelowna, British Columbia,
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Phone- 250-861-9323
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