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Salon shampoo vs. Drug store shampoo

Everyone is always asking what the difference is between salon shampoo and drug store shampoos. So here we have it, a few points on the products and why its important to up keep your hair with professional products.

shampoo-productDrug Store Shampoos contain many fillers. Yes, they may smell like heaven but that doesn’t mean its doing your hair any good. A few drug store shampoos contain chemicals that strip your hair from there natural oils, causing your color to fade or hair to become dry and brittle.

Where as Salon Shampoo’s are equipt with high-grade ingredients allowing the color in your hair to stay more radiant. The ingredients are truly better for your hair whether it be to tame frizz, keep your hair from having split ends, to keep moisture in or holding your color in longer! Salon shampoos aren’t filled with fillers like wax to keep your shine, color or whatever it may be. They’re filled with vitamins and oils that help your hair within the cuticle, to hydrate and preserve the color, shine etc. We carry many affordable salon shampoos in our salon, a few to recommend would be Bed Head, Pureology and L’Oreal.


Here is an example of the difference between how salon shampoos and drug store shampoos work when it comes to colored hair: click the link below.

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