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The Fade, the Pompadour, the new suave… It has happened.

Hi everyone!

Hope this week has started off well for everyone. We are blown away at the fact that it is already the middle of September, and I have a feeling that a lot of parents are thinking to themselves, when the heck does my kid get to go back to school?!

Meanwhile, we have been keeping up with the Kardashians in the mens style department. Wait a second… what? Men have HAIRSTYLES?! You read it right my friend. No more “yeah, just a trim up on the sides and shorten up the top a bit”. Allow me to re-introduce you a few classics…

  • The Pompadour
  • The Fade
  • The Sleaze
  • The Undercut

Mens haircuts have taken a turn for the better. Many people have been seeing a few guys here and there rocking the man-bun… However we are leaning towards the love of these styles. Besides, who could ever say no to David Beckham…


Men. Let’s get real here… Times have changed and with that, so have hairstyles. Last Wednesday us girls spent the evening together filling our knowledge containers with the different approaches to these improved classic hairstyles. The idea of the Fade started making its appearance on the runways about two years ago. Many people weren’t the biggest fans, rather they thought it was too ‘hipster’ and therefore a lot of men stuck with their favourite go-to styles. However after having a discussion about these new styles on Wednesday, we came to the conclusion that perhaps the comeback of these cuts could be fitting for any guy. Whether you like a lot of volume, or a style that is more sleek and tight, we can hook you up with something you will be TOTALLY happy with. Our girls would be happy to get you up-to-date with style, guys! Give us a call today and we’ll get you set up with your own complete hair transformation.

For more information contact:

180 Degrees Hair Studio
#4-3818 Gordon Drive,
Kelowna, British Columbia,
V1W 3G8
Phone- 250-861-9323


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